Succeeding in Motherhood

So many of us have a desire to succeed in motherhood the way
that our mothers did.
I’d never understood until I became one, what a mom has to go through on a daily basis, and since discovering this, I’ve grown very passionate about this issue. Do not misunderstand. I love being at home with my child, but it’s the most work I’ve ever had in my life, and the notion that we don’t get paid for this, when just last year I actually had a decent income from
an office job that let me surf the internet 90% of the time from pure boredom… well, it just feels really backwards. 

The fact is the average American family cannot exist on one income, so women who have chosen to stay at home have to find a way to bring in a supplemental income IN ADDITION to
raising a family. Fortunately, we are growing faster and faster towards our future, and into an even more superior age of technology.

Because of the internet, we have been able to create even more opportunities for ourselves as parents and entrepreneurs.

Running a household is work enough, and the average stay-at-home deserves a nice paycheck for that alone. Running a business on top of that may seem near impossible, yet women across the country are doing it. They are getting creative, and they are making it work. They find a way, because they have
I wanted to be one of those people. I needed to learn from them. But where could I find them? On my internet searches, they never popped up. Only people promising me I could find my way to happiness through multilevel marketing were coming up.  What should I do?

Tune in next week as we see Ally start her first business and what it leads to!

Check out her online business at

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