Hot Moms – A Contradiction?

Last night I had to cover a story on a Hot Mom contest at a local bar. It’s a three week contest culminating Mother’s Day Weekend and my editor thought it would be really interesting to find out what would happen and who would show up.

It was very interesting to say the least. Forgive me for using this blog to work out how I feel about the experience, but at least here I know I will have a sympathetic ear, unlike the readers of the finished product.

First of all, there were no contestants. The few women who were scheduled to appear, did not show up and the bar owners were scrambling to pull anything together because I was there – an article in the paper is essentially free publicity and they didn’t want to pass up the opportunity.

So as the clock was ticking away, I called a mom friend of mine who I knew lived in the area and is frankly stunning. There were actually some great prizes and I thought she may as well be the recipient, plus, I was already sitting at this bar alone – at least she could keep me company and we could catch up.

She came, right about the same time three other moms did who were coerced into participating by a regular of the bar. Now this is where I will have a hard time writing the story – these three women were moms, but clearly not married and the contest quickly became a borderline wet T-shirt contest. When the respectable outfits were handed out, the other women began cutting the front down to their belly button while my friend looked on in horror about what I had roped her into. Without getting into too many details, it only got worse from there.

I guess the dilemma is – as mothers, we don’t get out much and when we do, it’s nice to let loose and have a drink or two with friends, within reason and responsibility. I would never do anything to embarrass my family – I am an example now for my children and it’s one thing for my husband to think of me in a sexual way, but I certainly don’t feel the need to covet that attention from others.

Yet, were I single, I can see where it is probably a different story – you would want to still feel attractive while at the same time, proud of being a mother.

I had really hoped for something positive to come out of this story, but unfortunately, I left feeling dirty. And my poor friend – she called me first thing this morning desparate to not be associated with what went on. And I don’t want to completly shred these other women, I don’t know their history and perhaps it was a one time thing and they just got caught up in the moment.

As moms, single or not, is it OK for us to want to go out and still be considered “hot” and how far is it OK to go? Is this just an all around flawed contest – while we may be “hot,” aren’t we held to a higher moral standard for the sake of our children – to teach them there are much more important things to aspire to?

Needless to say, I am dreading this story – any comments would be greatly appreciated!


One thought on “Hot Moms – A Contradiction?

  1. In my opinion it is okay to be hot and mama. That said, we should always hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are setting an example for our most precious responsibilites. If I go out with my girlfriends, I might wear a lower cut shirt, but my arms and legs are covered… I think moderation is the key. I don’t believe exposing our bodies is what makes us HOT. It is a shame that this contest turned dirty, however, that is what I would expect in a bar. As a Mama and one who was single for a couple years, I didn’t frequent bars and never would have dreamed of doing a contest like this. Good luck with your article… it will be hard to be objective, I’m sure!


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