First Time Air Travel

Do you have worries about flying for the first time with your baby? I did. Not anxiety worry, just general worry. Will his ears plug? Will he cry the entire time? Will he poop all over his outfit? Will he become restless and bored? All these questions and more filled my mind as I prepared for our journey.

Worrying about what might happen was not something I wanted to be doing. I decided to take it as it came and to just prepare the best I could.

I did the basics. The diaper bag was full of diapers, wipes, a bottle full of filtered water, books (two to read and a soft one for him to chew on), burp cloths, a change of clothes, saline nose drops, gas drops, a couple toys, a light blanket, anti-baccterial wipes and a few other odds and ends. He nurses so I fed him on take off and landing. I didn’t have him nap before our flight so he slept like a “baby” for most of the two flights that we took. On top of that, he smiled and charmed those around us.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to sound like the mom of the year. He is not mobile and still quite young so he’s easier to wrangle and soothe. I know full well that once he gets a bit older, he will be more demanding and harder to appease. But I must say, I was pleased. On our flight back, their was a couple with there two year old across from us. He was restless and fussy most of the flight. I said to my husband, “We must enjoy this time because that could very well be us next.”

So all went well. We have three more trips planned this year. I might be singing a different tune. But I’m not going to worry. I’m just going to prepare. .


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