Blogging Basics – by Shannon Penrod

 by Shannon Penrod

Having trouble getting people to look at your blog?  It could be that people are having trouble finding it. The 1st lesson in blog marketing is making your blog easy to find.  And I mean EASY! 

If I don’t see a big button on your main page that says BLOG, chances are that I am not going find it.  Why spend thousands of dollars on a website and then invest the time to blog without making it incredibly easy to find? 

Give me a button.  It’s the easiest way for me to get to your blog.  It makes me happy.  And if I’m honest if I don’t see a button, I just assume that there isn’t a blog. Or I assume you don’t want me to read your blog.  End the controversy, give me a BLOG button, make it big, make it noticeable.  Then get ready for traffic!

I am going to be posting a few blogs on blogging — sounds funny I know, but we at Motherhood Incorporated know how powerful our blog is for our readers and we want to share what we know with you.  Any questions, please email me at


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