Appreciating the Simple Things in Life by Nicole Ocean

I must say that I am finding this to be kind of therapeutic right now and I hope you are enjoying the content I am writing about!I am sure each one of you has had things that they have overcome and struggles that you have endured in the course of your life.

I hope that you can take a moment to tell yourself, “I am proud of myself for……” and then you fill in the blank for one thing that you have experienced, learned from and now overcome in your life.If I could share with you one thing that I have overcome, I would tell you that.  “I am proud of myself for being able to appreciate all of the simple things I have in my life.”

To explain myself a bit more about being able to appreciate all that I have, I want for you to know that it isn’t the material items that I prize most and hold dearest to my heart. I cherish the simple things like being able to hug my son in the morning before going to school, or stopping what I am doing to appreciate something that I notice in nature that is beautiful and even in being able to think about how blessed I am to have people in my life to love and who love me. Who could ask for more than having the simple things in life?

If you haven’t thought about all that you appreciate for being in your life, isn’t it time today to reach out and express your gratitude?

By: Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks


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