My Very First Blog Entry on motherhood by Nicole Ocean

 Nicole Ocean

Hi there, my name is Nicole Ocean. (Yes, that is my real name, I’ll tell you more about it later) I work as a Realtor who does Broker Price Opinions full-time and Real Estate sales part-time in the state of Washington. I also keep myself busy by owning an online business where I sell eBooks that I have authored and contracting myself out on 

 I have been in business for myself as a Realtor since Jan. 2006 and started my eBook business in Jan. 2007. On top of all of this I am also a single mother of an awesome 8 year old boy named Nickolas Surfer Ocean. Please see his pic below.

My Nick

I am the type of person who was destined to be able to have my own business. Since I first started working at the age of 15 ½, I have experienced a lot of grief, frustration and disappointment in working for other people. Now that I am grown up and the sole person to be able to provide for my son and myself, having my own businesses and being able to control my own destiny has made all the difference in my life.


By: Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks


2 thoughts on “My Very First Blog Entry on motherhood by Nicole Ocean

  1. Thanks for the kind comments and your compliments Jay! I must tell you that I love the town you live in, Vancover BC is just amazing! I enjoy going there ina heartbeat and it beats Seattle in anyday!
    I hear what you are saying about being a busy person. I think I thrive on keeping busy and yes I’ll always make time for all that I prioritize and all that is important in my life.The one thing I have learned to do is to be open to change and being able to evolve.
    Good luck to you as well,
    Nicole Ocean

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