Click to Give and Motherhood Incorporated by Sandra Beck

 by Sandra Beck

It is very rare that I ask the readers of this blog to do anything other than read, enjoy and share.  Today I would like to take a minute to promote Click to Give — a site that I click on daily to support Breast Cancer Research, Hunger, Child Health, Literacy, Rain Forest and Animal Rescue.

Sponsors support this site and if you click on the the buttons you can give free mammograms to needy women, or supplies to alleviate hunger or health, save the rainforest and take care of rescued animal.  The click is free. You can subscribe for a daily reminder like I do…they count the clicks and stuff is donated by the sponsors.

I did this for a year before I bought a bunch of pink baseball caps to support my mother in her ongoing 3 year battle with breast cancer. I have four rescued dogs, so I take just a second to click on those as well. The clicks are free and everyone counts. Check it out. We can make a difference together and really, what is to click on the links — three seconds? We can save a life…have a great day…and if you haven’t had your mammogram recently — get one! we want you to stick around for a long time and a routine mammogram has extended my mother’s life and we want that for you and your friends and family, too…xoxo!


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