Confessions of a Professional Blogger by Shannon Penrod

 by Shannon Penrod

I am a professional blogger for three companies — www.motherhooodincorporated, and .  That’s right, I blog for money.  Sometimes I blog for myself.  Sometimes I blog as myself on someone else’s website, as an expert.  But mostly I blog on other people’s websites as a ghost writer for the web site owner.  Why would anyone want their blog written by a ghost writer, you ask?  The real question is why wouldn’t they? 

Blogging is a necessary part of today’s marketing strategy.  It’s a daily opportunity to buzz the internet with very specific tag words designed to draw the inquisitive internet public directly to your website.  The more traffic your website garners, the higher your rating on the search engines and the higher your rating, the more traffic you will receive.  Imagine sending out a billboard to the universe everyday, reminding the world that you are in business.  That’s what daily blogging does for your business. 

Which begs the question – Why isn’t every savvy business person harnessing the power of the blog?  In most cases it comes down to time. Who has the time to sit down and write a blog everyday?  Really you don’t have to. Do you take the time to personally write all of your own advertising copy? No, you might choose to proofread it, but on the whole you have better things to do with your time than to write copy.  So do my clients.  That’s why they let me do the blogging for them. 

Sometimes my clients send me articles or ideas they would like me to cover, but they leaving the writing, posting, tagging and pinging to me.  I’m their blogging expert in the field.  And the world is none the wiser.  Take your website and your business to the next level, hire a professional blogger.

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