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Salute to Mothers

We thought it would be fun on mother’s day to honor our mothers- who are our own, our friends, our sisters and our inspiration in our own unique way.  Since this is a public blog, where better to honor our mothers!

We will post any blog that is respectfully written. Please for privacy issues, please only list the mother as name and initial: like Gloria B. or Susan H.   We think this would be a fun way to honor our mothers in cyberspace.  Please keep the blog under 150 words and tell us either a funny story, a great example or a tribute to this special mom.  No pictures please.

Send your Motherhood Tribute Blog to:

On mother’s day, email your special mother and tell her to check out her own blog!  Tell her friends and family to expect it and it will be there. We think this will be a blast – we hope you do to!

An official hello! Tia Peterson/All American Admin

If there were a way to have a baby carrier physically attached to my back and a laptop carrier physically in front, I would be all set. It seems these days I am either attending to my five month old son Aidan or attending to my new business, All American Admin (I must like the letter “A”). 🙂

I am so happy to be part of Motherhood Incorporated’s blog team and am looking forward to reading and posting. I’m a new mom, a single mom, and a work at home mom, and the combination of the three is both extremely empowering and extremely overwhelming at times. So, groups and associations like this one are so vital to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is vital to a successful business.

So, here’s my official hello! Aidan and I (after all, he is technically my first business partner) are excited to be here.

The Quick About me and About All American Admin:

I’m originally from the East Coast, born in New Hampshire and bred in Virginia. The furthest west I’ve ever really lived is Tulsa, OK – although I did spent sx quick months in Tucson, Arizona where Aidan was born. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Technical Writing from Oral Roberts University.

I’m back on the East Coast living on a tree-lined street in Erie, PA and absolutely loving it. My weekdays are spent working my new business and mothering Aidan (simultaneously) and my weekends are spent attempting the blended family thing with my boyfriend and his three year old son.

All American Admin is my virtual assistant business. I chose this business because it really suited me. I could have chosen to be a freelance technical writer or telecommuter-technologist, but I actually really like administrative work, and have found a way to put a spin on it: I mix technology with admin work and voila! Now I’m really a techno-assistant, since I mainly assist with technology-related projects. I’ve just recently (as in, today) realized that I could also mix technical writing with my offerings. Everyday I am learning something new.

I am going to selectively simul-post articles here and on my home-based business blog (geared toward other virtual assistants) which is located at In case you are wondering, my company website is Again, we specialize in technical administrative services (like blog installation/maintenance, website design, simple graphic design, internet marketing, shopping cart work, etc) so if you need any of that, let me know!


Tia & Aidan

It's 3:00 a.m. … Do You Know Where Your Mom Is? by Elisa Garcia

My daughter, Alina, certainly knows my pre-dawn whereabouts. She’s 2. Well, two and a half, as she’d say. And, obviously, she’s asleep right now, just like most Americans (excepting, of course, public service staff and mothers of newborns).But if my daughter were awake, and, more importantly, not in the midst of a two-year-old tantrum, she’d peer at you sweetly from under fringed doe eyes and point delicately up to the ceiling.“Sshhh,” she’d say. “Mama’s at work.” Then she’d roll right over and go back to sleep, thank you very much.It’s 3:00 a.m. And as usual, I am upstairs, whiling away the wee hours before a computer in a makeshift guest room/ home office adorned with construction paper and crayon scribbles, partner, daughter, dog, and cat snoozing peacefully away. I don’t know why, but I have always been a graveyard shift type. It’s when I perform at my optimal level. Back in college (way, way back, like, late 1990’s), I worked the third shift from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. for a 24-hour answering service. Then I’d slog to my dorm room and sling back a few Diet Cokes while I cobbled together a last-minute paper due in hours. Now, years later, I’ve come full circle, though a little has changed; my drink of choice is now flavored coffee, and I’m a 30-year-old mom, not a 19-year-old coed. But, otherwise, here I am, still plugging away while the rest of my house sleeps.It wasn’t always like this, though. Ten years ago– heck, four months ago–, I, too, would have been asleep, albeit restlessly, dreaming of spreadsheets and monthly quotas. In a few hours, I would have risen and listlessly, rotely, gone through the motions of donning a suit and dropping off my daughter at day care before logging in ten hours at a job turned career I dreaded. Then, like millions of women, I would have commuted over an hour to my cluttered suburban home, mashed together a marginally healthy, probably microwaved, vegetarian meal, and then whisked my toddler to bed, all in two to three hours. Then repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. But what choice did I have? I was the breadwinner, the family moneymaker stuck in a booming industry, scared of never, ever having enough.

Then came the crisis of consciousness, the crushing realization that my daughter was already almost two-and-a-half, and that things would likely be the same when she hit ten if I didn’t change something fast. Basically, all tedious details aside, I had a mini (midlife?) breakdown. But a good one. A few (major) changes and a few (thousand) talks with my sometimes still skeptical partner, and here I am, typing at 3:00 a.m., bringing home the (soy) bacon in a setting that couldn’t be further from the conservative corporate climate I coped with for ten long years. Admittedly far from lucrative (yet), writing is now my family’s bread and (non-dairy) butter. Sure, I work late and unpredictable hours. Sure, there’s tons of (unpaid) overtime, and, yeah, I double as the office cook, maid, and chauffer. And, yes, I’m constantly hitting the (virtual) pavement, and constantly drafting late-night proposals and pitches, and constantly facing rejection. And at the end of my shift, I’ll sign off and sleep for a couple of hours before beginning my second job: heading down to the kitchen, brewing more coffee, and slapping some hotcakes on the griddle.

But I’ll do all this in slippers, not heels. And in a few hours, my daughter and partner will pounce out of bed, smiling and savoring the smells of Mama’s frugal but hearty breakfast, the fruits of my labor. And then it won’t matter that I’m tired or that my current freelance earnings are less than a quarter of my prior cushy salary. Or that we eat out once a week, not four. Or that we sip Sanka, not Starbucks. Or that [insert sacrifice here]. How many other moms no longer have to worry about negotiating an impromptu sick day with an unsympathetic boss? How many other moms are blessed enough to find their personal niche, support their family from home, and enjoy the freedom of taking their child(ren) to the park on a midmorning Monday?

Thank heaven I’ve found my calling.

 Elisa and Alina

New Blogger! Elisa Garcia joins Motherhood Incorporated

        Motherhood Incorporated would like to welcome Elisa Garcia to our group of talented mommy bloggers.

Elisa Garcia is a former actress turned loan processor turned voiceover artist turned bilingual (English/ Spanish) freelance writer in Houston, TX.  She is the mother of two (and a half!) year old Alina and life partner to Jackie.

            Elisa’s most recent professional stint follows ten loooong years in the mortgage industry … some of which was fun, most of which was not.  An avid reader and writer since childhood, she studied theatre at the University of Houston and at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia before (somewhat accidentally!) falling into the financial sector.  One child, two states, three companies, four job titles, and five(!) career crises later, she traded in her suits for sweats and plunged into the world of the work-at-home woman to do what she does best … reading, writing, and raising a family.

         We are thrilled to have Elisa join us with her stories about working as a mother two Alina and with her life partner Jackie.  We can’t wait. Look for Elisa’s blogs under Elisa’s story!

I'm Still In My Pajamas and Darn Proud of it by Nicole Ocean

It’s 10 am on a random Tuesday morning. I can be found sitting in a cush gray leather office chair and typing on a natural ergonomic keyboard that Microsoft puts out. My home office is located within an area of my bedroom and believe in or not, I am still in my pajamas!!! Oh what a tough life I have!

I’ve already sent my son to school, started a load of laundry and have one in the dryer. I’ve checked my emails, written a few replies as well as written a few blogs.

Now, I am getting ready to munch down on a breakfast burrito that is smothered in Paul Newman’s (Meduim) Salsa as the curtains are closed on my bedroom window to help block out the bright sunshine that wants to blind me.

I haven’t been outside yet today and my phone hasn’t rung, but I am busy as a bee! That this is all ok with me!!

Here’s a picture of my own home office! It affords every luxury I could ever need!


What does your home office look like and what are you most proudest of by being able to work from home?

You’ll have to excuse me because my burrito is now making my mouth water and I can’t resist it anymore! I’ll check up with you again soon….maybe by then I’ll have been really motivated and gotten my shower out of the way too!! 🙂

By: Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks

Virtual Help by Kim Hadley/Imaginations Everything

by Kim Hadley/Imaginations Everything

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities job wise. So many tasks can be done on a computer, from your home, back yard, local café… the sky is the limit.  As a small business owner, I don’t have the regular volume of business, nor the desire to have people working for me full time. I work at home, and I also don’t have to space. I do however have a “virtual staff” of about 15, who I farm out business to on an as needed basis. Counting on my virtual team didn’t come easy. The theory is there, hire someone for $x/hr and charge the client $XX/hr and I’m making money while I sleep!  It works like that when you get the right team in place, that’s for certain. The key is in getting the right team. It can be hard to find people that are good, and that you can count on, once you have found that gem in the bunch, hang on tight and it will be well worth the time it took to find them. The other key is to have several gem’s for the same task. People come and go, especially virtual people.  One of my most important resources for virtual help is my site. What better market that women who wish to stay home and raise their kids, but still want to bring in some income to contribute. What better way for them to keep well learned skills up to date, a match made in heaven for a small business owner looking for contract workers.  Check out Kim’s Site at and her blog at

Late Night Mommy by Jennifer

It’s 12:30am and I’m up. It’s amazing. I’m not usually up at this hour. I just finished some work that needed to be done by the morning and I felt inspired to write.

It’s so quiet in the house. My husband is snoozing away. My 6 month old son is sleeping like, well, a baby. Even the cat has found her place and tucked herself in.

I almost feel like a kid in a candy store. It’s not that I don’t have time during the day when my son is napping to do things. I do. It’s just that during the day, even when it’s quiet, there seems to be the feeling of needing to do many different things. I guess I feel my attention is pulled in so many directions in the daylight.

Right now, I feel focused (but admittedly exhausted). Ready to snuggle in with my family yet enjoying the solitude for a moment.

I wouldn’t want to live like this all the time. I like the hustle and bustle of my life. I love to hear the giggling sounds of my boy when he’s discovered something new ( I love all his sounds!). I love having conversations with my husband and looking at his handsome face. I love to hear the meow of my cat when she’s wants another scoop of dry. But right now, I love the quiet.

Ok, I’m really tired now. Time to follow suite with the rest of the family and head to bed.

This has been nice.