I HATE Chain Email!

by Shannon Penrod

I HATE chain email!  It infuriates me!  Honestly.  As a busy mom whose schedule is already full I use my email as a serious tool to stay in touch with the world, my friends, my family and my son’s teachers. It is the easiest way for the world to stay in touch with me.  So when I get an email from someone I think of it as a gift.  Who wants to be given a gift with an assignment?  “Read this and send it to everyone with a pulse in your address book.”  To me this is like saying “Read this and then suck time out of everyone else’s day too.”

If all of the Moms around the world united and said no more chain email, how much more time would we save? I estimate that I get three of these foul emails a day – I don’t read them – Usually – sometimes they slip under the radar.  Even to delete them takes a minute of my day – I want it back!  If I did read these emails that would be 10 minutes a day  – in ten minutes I can make my child laugh til he hurts, I can email a friend I haven’t talked to in years, I can unload the dishwasher or fold a load of laundry, I can even write an angry blog in 10 minutes!  I would rather do any of these things and my life would be better for any of them. 

Imagine if I actually forwarded these time sucking capsules!  That would be at least 20 minutes.  Ladies, in 20 minutes a day we could be resculpting our thighs, teaching our children to read, making healthier meals, meditating. Put all those 20 minutes together and we could be changing the world. 

Stop with the mushy chain email! Make another choice.  If something is so wonderful that you want to share it – go ahead and share it but delete the sentence about forwarding it on to friends and loved ones.  Stop the insanity!  But ask me how I really feel.


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