How Writing One eBook Changed My Life Completely, Part V by Nicole Ocean

So through out the almost 1 1/2 years that my company has been in business I have benefitted greatly and not only on a financially level, but also as a person, a woman and as a successful small business owner (finally, one of my dreams has come true)

Here is a picture of another one of my dreams that I was able to enjoy because of the fruits of my persistence and hard labor.

It has been wonderful to see the transformation of my company, in myself as a person and all of the features that I have helped create within my website and within my products. Most of all, I can’t get over the fact that I had created and given people an opportunity to learn how to stay in real estate when the market was down or they were in between sales. I have on more than one occasion being on the telephone with a past customer crying because they tell me how my eBook has touched their life personally. This makes all of my struggle, my time, energy and effort into making my material available to other’s all the more worthwhile. I love hearing those stories and I cherish every one of them very much!

When it comes down to is, I simply love the fact that the people who find out about by doing this hidden niche within real estate that they not only get to specialize in an area that not many people know how to do, but they get to also learn so much in the process that only helps you be a better real estate agent, not to mention a better person within the whole process.

I think I have one of the coolest careers on the face of the planet and in the process I get to help affect other people’s life in such a positive way. Who could ask for more?

(I may write more about this topic later, I may not. I want to thank you for reading through it and I hope it gave you some inspiration and insight into how you too can make your dreams come true if you are persistent, work super hard to achieve your goals and don’t give up….ever!!!)

Written by Nicole Ocean

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2 thoughts on “How Writing One eBook Changed My Life Completely, Part V by Nicole Ocean

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  2. Ebooks play an all too important role in many online businesses these days, and the real estate business is no acception. Although my particular niche isn’t in the real estate business, I can greatly appreciate the fact that when people read my ebooks, I know that they’re touched and influenced in one way or another.

    You see, ebooks can convey so much from you the business owner. You are able to convey your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas to others that a standard web site can’t possibly do. Not only that, but ebooks are great because they can also act as vehicles to advertize your buisness, and its other products and services that it may offer.

    My particular niche is in the info publishing arena. I love to educate people on the aspects of writing and compiling their own ebooks. Ebooks have fascinated me for a long time and I love them.

    I am a legally blind info marketer, and I use specialized software that allows for me to listen to what is on the screen. However, I don’t let my disability stand in my way of running and managing my own business online. I am able to write and compile ebooks just as good as the rest of them.

    I have been working on a very extensive project called Ebook By Blog, which helps people to learn more about ebook authoring and other aspects of the info publishing business online. If you would like to get a copy of it, you can click on the link below to get it.

    Click Here To Secure Your Free Copy Of Ebook By Blog

    This is a continuous effort and you will find new information there almost on a daily basis inside Ebook By Blog. Since you’re in the real estate business, and you have created an info product yourself, I thought that it would be fitting to at least give you a copy of this fine product that I have been working on for so long.

    Who knows, maybe you might find some inspiration to write another ebook by what you read inside Ebook By Blog. You may even learn more Internet marketing information that you can use in your business.

    There is a lot of quality information that you can include in an ebook about the real estate niche because there is so much that can be said about it. It seams that there’s always something new that can be discovered in that niche, and you never really run out of valuable content that you can use inside another ebook.

    Now I know nothing about the real estate business, but if it is like most other niches, there is always something new that you can find out about it. The best suggestion that I have for you, if you are searching for additional information on that particular niche, is to search other blogs on the topic.

    Google has a really neat blog search tool that is listed here below that you might find really interesting.

    Google’s Blog Search Tool

    This tool is not anything that you have to download. It is actually a free service provided by Google that may help you in your real estate niche. Hope that this information helps you, or anyone who visits this blog.

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