My First Mother's Day by Jennifer France-Talvitie

I am so excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day. As I sit here writing next to my napping baby, I am taken back by how grateful I am to be his mommy. What an honor and privilege it is.

I was pregnant with Zander last Mother’s Day. I received emails and cards from family saying congrats on being an upcoming mom on Mother’s Day. I thought that was so sweet. I did feel a very strong connection to the day. But having him here, born and a full-on person makes it a truly special and awesome day.

I wonder what we’ll do on Sunday. We always made mom breakfast in bed on her special day. I’m sure her meal wasn’t that great for many years but she was always so happy and honored. I can’t wait for Zander to some day make me soggy toast, watery coffee and runny eggs. It’ll taste great just knowing he made it. So daddy will have to help him for the first few years, I imagine. That’s if they’re planning on bringing me breakfast in bed. THEY BETTER!!!! I don’t ask for much. I’m certainly not one of those woman in the commercials who needs expensive jewelry/fancy diamonds. But breakfast in bed is a rite of passage, I feel. I’ll let you know.

I hope every mom reading this has a great day, whether it’s your first or your twentieth. And may your breakfast be in bed!


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