Growing Pains – Organizing Virtual Assistants

As we continue to grow, I struggle with ways to organize the virtual assistants who come to us and contact us for work along with the new jobs that come in.  The one thing I must say is that I am blessed with the women who contact me and come to work with me. Without them, I would be in the weeds for sure.

One of the hardest things about running a business like this at home is that there is no one to follow and very few places to go for advice.  Most of the people I meet online are in the same boat as me growing and figuring things out on their own.  I decided that I would try Outook Tasks and that was not detailed enough. So then I moved on to ACT! which everyone said would be a godsend.  Three days later I am still fumbling around with half my information on paper and half  on the computer and I am more confused then every. Of course business keeps rolling in and piling up faster than I can get to it to hand out — like the dust in my house.  I am back to outlook and trying to keep myself from moving back to AOL where everything is in a huge 800 email pile mess.

As I write this, my husband sticks his head in my office asking if I am making chicken for dinner.  I still have to register the kids for soccer and get bananas.  I wish Outlook could cool.

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