My Breakfast In Bed by Jennifer France-Talvitie

I’m finally getting to my Mother’s Day blog. It’s been a busy week since that day.

I was served breakfast in bed!! It was my first Mother’s Day. What an awesome, amazing day it was. I got up with my son and husband to help prepare the meal. I like making breakfast and wanted to make the process easy on my husband. As I walked into my bedroom to grab something, I came out in the kitchen and my little boy was holding a card for me. It was the best card I ever received. My husband had placed markers in my sons hands for him to scribble on the envelope and inside the card…his own artwork! It was great.

After the food was prepared, my husband hustled me into bed. He then brought me my full meal with coffee, juice and water to wash it all down. We actually had two courses. The first was the usual, eggs, veggie sausage, toast and strawberries. The second course was a cinnamon roll. YUMMY!!

So, I had written last week about getting my breakfast in bed. The rite of passage I was hoping to experience. And indeed I did. I’ll have to look at the pictures my husband took. I have burned in my memory the great picture of my mom one Mother’s Day, in bed with her breakfast, surround by us four kids. I now have a picture of my own!!

I am so grateful!!!!


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