The Power of Now in Practice by Jennifer France-Talvitie

Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I’ll be moving through my day and feel like everywhere I turn there’s another task, another project, another list that needs to be made, another dust bunny that needs to be swept, more baby book information that needs to be added, updated pics to be emailed to my family of my son, etc…. This is all on top of the normal mom stuff and housewife stuff and working at home stuff. This feeling can make anyone’s head spin. I’m sure you all have had these days. Some days I just chose a couple things, I do them and feel satisfied. Other days, I want to tackle them all (which can not be done!).

I purchased a book a while back that I have yet to finish. I’ve started it twice, made it halfway through both times then something wonderful and distracting came along and I don’t finish it. The first time was when I found out I was pregnant. I instantly had other books I wanted to read! The second time was before I had my baby. I’d start the book then realize there was some other nesting instinct that would pull my focus to it, therefore leaving the book in the dust.

Many of you have probably heard of this book if not read it yourself. It’s The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Like I said, I haven’t finished it yet, but the concept is pretty clear to me. I never quit reading it because I didn’t like it. I really loved what I had read so far. The concept, which is so ‘powerful’, is something I believe everyone can benefit from. When I’m having a moment that has me torn between what I didn’t finish yet and what I still need to complete, I tell myself (sometimes out loud), focus on the now. None of the menial tasks of life are as important as the moment I have right now. Which is to say the health, happiness and wellbeing of my son, husband and family. To take the time and shut my thought processes, to quiet that voice in my head that makes me feel I need to do, do, do in order to be complete, can save my entire day. It requires a deep breath and a reminder to oneself that now is the only important moment of life.

I declare now that I will finish this book before the year is out. That gives me seven months to complete this task. I will do it.


One thought on “The Power of Now in Practice by Jennifer France-Talvitie

  1. I feel your pain…I’m a single mother with a six year old daughter. There aren’t enough hours in a day to complete my daily tasks. I did read the power of now and I too believe that there is nothing more important than being present in the ‘now’. Then I found this great new book called Free Mind Free Body by D.R. Boisse. This book offers so much more than any other motivational books out there. In one quick and informative read I felt I could accomplish anything, and I wasn’t going to let my tedious tasks get in my way to stop it either. My goals became much more clear and most importantly I had the power to do it all myself by using my mind. I recommend Free Mind Free Body to anyone looking to achieve more than you thought was possible.
    – Susi, NY

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