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My Day as a Virtual Business Owner, by Sandra Beck Motherhood Incorporated

Maybe this will make you feel better…you couldn’t be more tired than I am right now, but you never know…here goes… 


7:00 Peel eyes open and insert lenses – life still fuzzy

7:15 Turn on Noggin and make breakfast for Max (age 4)

7:20 Eat old banana while checking urgent blackberry emails

7:30 Answer email

7:45 Send out jobs for day

8:00 Take call from client

8:30 Replace child’s yuk toast with yum bagel

8:45 Diaper Change

8:47 Repair flash figurine’s arm with duct tape

9:00 Cook new eggs from original breakfast that landed on floor from zach (age 1.5)

9:15 answer email while Elmo is on

9:30 write down messages on company answering machine

9:45 Bathroom patrol with both boys

10:00 conference call with headset on mute

10:30 answer email

10:45 Pick up nanny from train

11:00 write articles

11:30 Bathtub meltdown and Hazmat assistance after zach peed on his brother

11:45 Run Max to Preschool

11:45 Client meltdown broken website

12:00 run to grocery for milk, eggs, bread, salad, cereal and fruit

12:40 lunch for everyone

12:45 toss in sheets and towels

1:15 Nap for Zach

1:30 Hold Coaching Call

1:35 Spray oven with cleaner

2:00 Feed dogs

2:15 Feed self

2:20 answer email

2:30 Business call

2:45 Pick up Max from Preschool

3:00 Move sheets to dryer now all wrinkly

3:30 Answer email

4:00 Hold Coaching Call

4:55 Throw frozen chicken in hot sink water

5:00 Hold Coaching Call

5:57 throw whole split chicken on grill, plug in rice cooker and open salad bag

6:10 drop nanny on train with kids in car

6:30 everyone eats dinner of charred chicken, gooey rice and bagged salad

7:00 get zach ready for bed

7:15 diaper change

7:30 swim time with max and daddy in pool (tires both out!)

7:55 fight with max about bedtime and making brownies

8:00 read Elmo, Thomas, Scooby and Clifford

8:30 Wrestle max into bed, give up and turn on superfriends

9:00 answer email from computer in bed

9:30 post to blogs, check stats

10:00 watch tv with husband

11:00 bathtime for mommy

12:00 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What Does a Blog Do?

by Shannon Penrod and Sandra Beck

This is a great question, unfortunately there is no easy answer because blogs do so many different things.  Each blog has its own purpose. 

Let’s take the High School Senior who has a blog. In his blog he commemorates all of the things that he and his friends do through out their Senior year.  The blog does many things for this young man.  It creates a record of his thoughts and feelings which will be great to look back on in 20 years.  It helps his grandmother who lives across the country to know what is going on in his world.  It helps him to communicate and connect with his friends and peers – his friends like reading the blog and seeing pictures of themselves posted on the web.  AND the college of his choice took the blog into consideration when accepting him to their university.  Not a bad work load for a little blog.

Let’s take the case of the Realtor in San Francisco.  She writes a blog three times a week, sometimes showcasing property other times talking about the current market or even highlighting an area neighborhood.  This blog serves as an ongoing advertisement for the realtor’s business.  The blog helps to create an atmosphere of knowledge and expertise, drawing clients in.  It also advertises property and brings in prospective buyers.  On top of these other great benefits the blog continually helps the realtor with search engine optimization by reminding the search engines that she is there and writing on a specific subject.

On a very basic level a blog sends a message to the world, what the message is will depend on the writer, who reads the message and what they do with the message is another topic all together.