How Can A Blog Help Me?

Ask yourself this, if there was one thing you could tell the world about you or your business what would it be? Blogging can get that message out to the world for you at little or no cost. 

Would you like to be an expert in your field?  You can be. All you have to do is start a blog on that subject.  If you are genuinely knowledgeable and a decent writer within a matter of time your blog will begin to be quoted by other people who are talking on the same subject.  Instantly you are an expert.

Do you wish that you could attract new clients even in your sleep?  You can with a blog.  Long after business hours people are at home typing search words into their computers looking for info on products and services.  You’ve done it yourself.  Its eleven o’clock at night and you want information on antique lunchboxes (just for illustration purposes).  You don’t go for the phone book, all the stores are closed.  You go to your computer and  head to your favorite search engine where you type in “Antique Lunch Boxes” depending on how much time you have you might type in your city name.  If you are someone who sells antique lunch boxes you hope that your business name comes up on the first page of offerings.  Effective blogging helps to have your business register on first page searches if you research what the top keywords are for your business and then consistently use them as tags on your blogs.  In that way blogs help to bring the customers to you, even when you have finished for the day.

These are just two of the ways blogs can help, the list is endless.  If you aren’t blogging you are missing one of the most incredible advertising wonders of the world, and it’s free!

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