New Way to Convert Online Visitors into Customers from Your Website by Nicole Ocean

What is a new way to convert online visitors into customers?

There is a revolutionary, high-tech (and yet low-tech people can benefit) device that you can utilitze within your website so that people can put communication with you right now and even talk with you directly without having to call you on a regular phone.

Most people nowadays are getting more and more demanding when it comes to having access to ask questions and get them answered quickly. To help stand out from competition you have to do something different, thus making a free service available to your website visitors so that they can choose how and when they want to communicate with you. 

I use the Live Chat software that is offered through Volusion, but it is stictly offers online chat capabilities (much like Instant Messaging through MSN), it also has a way to make a graphic button so that people can simply click on the button and then email their question to me. This way they don’t have to hunt around for a link or a way to contact me.


      Live Chat (FREE)  






FYI, a lot of Real Estate Agents and Brokers are starting to use this feature to get active leads from people that are surfing their website.

By Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks

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