How To Create A User Focused Site – Kim Hadley, Imaginations Everything

By Kim Hadley, Imaginations Everything

The best way to make your website user focused is to find out what your potential clients really want to know. You might think that as a professional, you already know this information but don’t be so sure about that.

Times change and so do the questions that people have. Also, everyone is different so they have different real estate needs.

It might seem natural to assume that most families want the white house with the picket fence and a big back yard. This may not as true as it used to be.

There are a lot of single parents out there, many holding more than one job and they don’t want the hassle of having to take care of a big piece of property.

One of the best ways to determine how to make your site informative is to query your past clients. Send them a survey and ask them to list what their top ten considerations were when buying or selling their homes. This way you will start off with great ideas on how to build your user focused site.

Don’t forget your friends and family. Even if they don’t yet own a home, it’s another way to get an objective point of view and they may give you fresh insight into what your site needs to make it more user focused.

You can also ask them to view your website and determine if it would hold their attention and give them the information they felt they needed if they were considering buying or selling a home.

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