What to Look for in a Virtual Assistant

The perfect virtual assistant is some one who is responsible, skilled, and experienced.  Responsibility is crucial.  You need someone who can complete tasks on time with out having someone stand over their shoulder.

Being skilled is also imperative.  One of the benefits of having a virtual assistant is that it frees you to spend time on the tasks you choose to.  If you are constantly having to provide input and “train” an assistant then your time is not well spent. The skill set of the virtual needs to match the needs of the specific job.  And since the jobs you need completed will vary from time to time, we recommend working with a service such as ours, Motherhood Incorporated.  In this way you will have a corps of talented virtual assistants on call.

The importance of experience cannot be overstated.  You wouldn’t hand the keys to your Jaguar to a high school body shop class and ask them to repair your fender, and you certainly don’t want to hand over crucial business tasks to just anyone.  You want to stick with professionals who will get the job done quickly, efficiently and right – the first time.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a decision to be more productive.  Taking the time to hire a proper virtual assistant service will pay off in productivity, efficiency and costs.


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