Sex and the City Reflections – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins

 Sarah Jessica Parker stars in New Line Cinema's Sex and the City

I like Sex and the City, always have. I’m not a maniac about it or anything, but I feel that women have limited options when it comes to strong role models. At least the SATC women are assertive, independant, smart and have an individual sense of self and style – I certainly hope my daughter would aspire to be more like Carrie Bradshaw than Britney Spears!

What I like most about it though, is that every woman can identify with the characters in so many ways. It is a show that we can all talk about and relate to, which is why it’s so fun to watch with our friends.

So for opening weekend, my friends and I sort of coined this past Sunday as SATC Day. We had a long brunch filled with mimosas and scandalous discussions, then went to the theatre where there was a huge line of people doing the same thing. We were all in our Sunday best, (killing it I must say!) and despite many of the negative reviews, I felt the movie picked up and finished right where it needed to. The fashion was exciting, the drama moved me to tears more than once and again, plenty of situations we can all relate to.

For me, the SATC girls and I have sort of followed the same timeline. When it started, I was young and naive – just starting out in my career, completely baffled by men’s behavior, and watching some of the things they experienced helped reassure me that I’m not the only one going through some of this. About midway through the series, I was writing a relationship column, and dating a man leery of commitment, with the nickname Big Rig nonetheless. By the time the series finale rolled around, I was watching it snuggled with my new baby and Big Rig, I mean Richard, as Carrie’s Big finally told her she was the one in Paris – it was somewhat cathartic.

After watching the movie this weekend, the parallels continued. I watched in horror as Miranda was hurrying through sex because it was late and she had to work in the morning – in horror because I’ve felt the same way and seeing it on the big screen is not pretty. I watched Charlotte panic because her life was so good she felt that something bad was going to happen at any minute and I too, worry about the future instead of enjoying the present. And on and on (don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet!)

But the best part was watching it with my friends. Unfortunately the after party didn’t come off as planned, so we are having a special girls’ dinner to discuss the details and see just how we stack up to the four fabulous women who have been such entertaining mirrors of our own lives. Be sure to take the time for yourself and spend some quality time with your friends – this movie is a great way to open the floodgates and catch up with the fabulous women in your own life!


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