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Site Goals and Positioning by Kim Hadley, Imaginations Everything

by Kim Hadley

One of the main purposes of optimizing your website is to improve its position in the search engine rankings and thus on the search results page. While I encourage you to employ the various techniques to achieve this, it’s important not to over emphasize your website’s position.

It won’t help you to have your site returned at the top of the search engine pages if your site is not attractive to viewer’s, doesn’t provide the information they need or is difficult to navigate. It is important to drive traffic to your site, to be sure, but it’s only 10% of the battle. The biggest part of the battle is keeping them there, offering them the information they are looking for, and then encouraging them to communicate with you.

This is why before you start worrying about getting your site to the top of the search result page; you need to make sure its worthy of that position.

Laptops, PDA's, Cell Phones Mommes Keeping it Green!

TAKE THAT OLD CELL PHONE, DIGITAL CAMERA, PDA AND LAPTOP OUT OF RETIREMENT AND PUT IT TO WORK!Please donate your used cell phones, digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops to help raise much needed funds for is collecting used cell phones, digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops on June 8th. We will receive a monetary donation for each piece that we collect during this Fund-Raising Program.

According to a new study by environmental research group Inform, people in the US will soon be getting rid of about 130 million cell phones each year. “That’s about 65,000 tons of cell phones and ultimately they are thrown away,” says Joanna Underwood, spokesperson for Inform. Cell phones, digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops contain toxic materials such as arsenic, lead and zinc.

Electronics donated through the Phone Fund Program, however, are given new life. Your throw-away phones, digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops are desirable to people living in developing nations. Phone Fund makes your unused technology available to those who can use it, while keeping it out of the landfill. Those items that cannot be resold are recycled for their component parts according to EPA standards.

“We’re very excited about this program”. “This recycling program not only benefits but assists in preserving the environment and bringing communications to people who could not otherwise afford it.”

All cell phones, digital cameras, PDA’s and laptops are accepted. Please donate at the following location and date:

June 8th
Central Park in Santa Clarita (by the play area)
Come join us for our Family day and don’t forget to bring your electronics!!

If you are unable to attend this event, please send me an e-mail (  We will figure out a way to collect your electronics.

And don’t forget to spread the word to all your friends and family members!!

Getting Connected! by Sandra Beck / Motherhood Incorporated

by sandra beck 

Recently I put forth a huge effort to put myself into a bunch of social networking groups. I was very surprised to see that many groups are just hoards of people signed up doing nothing and some are very active and positive.   I am glad I did not give up after signing up with my first social networking group as I would have missed out on all the great connections I have made in the process.  I am also glad that I participated by making postings and posting thoughts and articles.

Have I gotten new business, yes!

Have I gotten lots of traffic to my sites and blogs, yes!

Have I made new friends, yes!

Have weird men emailed my profile with scary pictures of themselves and talk about how they just got back from the tanning bed when their pictures clearly show a overage of back and arm hair? yes! and yuck!

But overall it has been a very fun experience and people have contacted me from my past, they have contacted me and now become part of my present and I look forward to the people I will meet in my future. 

I like lists, so here is a list of some social networking sites of which I belong and think they are pretty fun! They are in order of alphabet, not preference…so get out there! mix, mingle and have some fun!

So if you are on one of these sites, look me up and we’ll have a chat! xo! sandra