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Priorities by Shannon Penrod at Motherhood Incorporated

by Shannon Penrod

Priorities aren’t sexy.  Madison Ave. doesn’t have a Cleo award winning ad campaign for successfully setting and living with priorities. We all have priorities, even my four year old. His priority is to play with Legos whenever possible.  Knowing other people’s priorities can be an excellent negotiation tool.  All I have to do is threaten to put the Legos away and suddenly I have a wonderful compliant little boy who cleans up after himself.

When you become a mom your priorities shift – did I say shift?  Change that to pack up and move to another country.  I have a hard time remembering what my priorities where before my son and I can not conceive of a day when he will not be my number one priority.  I acknowledge the day will come.  I just can’t picture what it looks like.  In the meantime I move through my life, knowing that on the top of my personal manifesto is the care, love and feeding of a luscious little boy named Jem.

I would passionately argue that I am no less of a businesswoman for this shift in priorities; in fact I believe the contrary is true.  I am more driven because of my son. My timelines might be different, but my goals are loftier and I am one hundred and fifty percent motivated to achieve.  All for the love of a little boy.

Army Wives on Lifetime!

Army WivesIf you haven’t tuned in to the second season of Lifetime’s Army wives, then you should.  I scoffed at first because it was on Lifetime, but once I watched I was hooked. I actually recorded the prior episodes to catch up.  I find it funny, dishy, poinant and often representative of many of the women who are military wives who work for us at Motherhood Incorporated or who are prior military.

The working mom scenes hit me right on.  I love the women. When I watch the show I feel like I spent the hour with friends.  You can catch the past episodes online at:

Check it out! You might just find a wonderful hour of escape with some friends without leaving your living room.  Enjoy!

At Motherhood Incorporated we have a few army wives of our own, and we would like to salute you and all you do and go through if this show is any reflection of your days.  Let us know about your days and we will post your story here!

The Need for Leads by Kim Hadley, Imaginations Everything

 by Kim Hadley

No one has to tell you that getting qualified leads is essential to any real estate practice. Since you already know that, I won’t go into all the reason that you need leads. What I will do is make suggestions on how to use your site to get qualified leads. 

First a dose of reality. Not everyone who visits your site finds it informative and initiates contact will be converted to a client. Probably not even half, a quarter or an eighth.  That’s the way it is in real estate whether your lead comes from the web or a human referral. However, despite the fact that your percentage of client conversion may seem to be low, consider it from the standpoint of commission earnings. 

If you only get two conversions from 1000 leads a month, a mere .002%, that still equals a very nice commission. Naturally the more leads you get, the more chances you have to convert them to clients.  There are those that will argue quality vs. quantity as far as leads go. Each may have a legitimate argument but the fact remains that being a successful sales agent also means playing the odds.  

This means that you want to get a large quantity of leads and then filter out the quality ones to concentrate on converting.

Converting them to clients will be up to you and your skills, but getting a large quantity to convert will come from your website.  Another consideration is prospective clients who may just have begun to consider buying a home but are not quite ready. People like this, whether they be walk-ins or have made an appointment are usually considered the bane of a realtor’s existence.  They have you drive them around all day, looking at houses all over town then say, “Thanks, we’re just looking”. Now the realtor has wasted the day and despite their best efforts at converting them, these same people may decide to use another realtor when they are finally ready to buy. 

A friend of mine is planning to move to Kentucky in two years and she’s already visiting websites of realtors in that area, looking at houses and trying to learn about the different neighborhoods.  She likes one site so much that she constantly visits it and because of the information listed on it, she’s considering buying land there now that she can build on later instead of waiting two years to move and then purchase a home.

This is one of the beauties of lead generation from the Internet.

People can browse houses online and then come back to you when they are ready without you ever having to leave the office. The trick is to make them come back to you.  Three ways to do this is by the use of email links, freebies, newsletters and information request forms.

Working from Whereever I may be…by Kelli of Our Milk

 by Kelli Shand

Working From Wherever I May Be… Besides allowing me to stay at home with my children, the second reason I started my internet business is that is gives me the ability to work anywhere in the world. With my laptop and cell phone in hand, I can carry on working just about anywhere.

I have such a strong passion for travel, just for travels sake, I now no longer have to cancel trips because of work. How fabulous! Next week, I have any opportunity to take my two young sons to Milan. My husband has a business trip to Italy (my all time favorite place,) for two weeks- nice hotel, meals, taxis all paid for by his company. And, my mom works for a major airline so our flights are next to nothing- we just show up at the airport and stand-by for any flight we want. My 4 year old is a seasoned traveler who has been to more countries in his short life than most would ever dream. On the plane he quietly colors, naps or watches movies. He adjusts well to jet-lag, sleeping in strange places, and foreign food.

How perfect!

So, what is the problem some might ask. One word. Jack. Jack is my 18 mo. old and hates traveling! I’m not even sure how he can be related to us. On a recent 5 hour flight to Atlanta, he was that baby that not only cried the entire flight, but the one that yelled with all his might, kicked your seat, threw toys down the aisle- for the entire 5 hours. I’m surprised we weren’t banned from flying again with that airline!

 Once there, he cried, misbehaved, would not sleep, and was generally fussy. The whole experience was one of the worst I’ve ever had. Both my husband and I said we’d never travel with him again. Since that month or so has passed since our last trip, the pain has slowly worn off and the horror has been a bit forgotten. The trip to Milan seems so enticing- this is after all my dream- to be able to work from wherever I might be. I’m just thinking that maybe that place is home! Stay tuned……..