It May Not Be Caffinated, But It Wakes Me Up by Jennifer France-Talvitie

Every morning I look forward to my cup of coffee. Without fail, the first thing I do when I get out of bed is make a small pot of coffee. Just the grinding of the beans wakes me up. The funny part is, it’s always decaf. Starbucks makes many great decafs (they didn’t hire me to write this!). I swear I get the same wake up feeling as when I used to drink caffeinated but without the possibility of getting the jitters or my son getting them, for that matter.

When I first became pregnant in January 2007 I switched to decaf. Since having my son and breastfeeding, I have continued to drink it. I almost wonder if I’ll ever go back to a fully loaded cup of joe. Probably, at least maybe one cup a day, but if I had to stick to decaf, I wouldn’t be sad. There’s 35mg in a cup of decaf. So if you limit yourself to a few cups a day, there should be no harm done (each person is different, of course).

I’ve even gotten back into my routine of loving to go get my afternoon iced coffee at above mentioned store (they really do make the best decaf around and I’ve tried many). I’m not proud of this, but I also don’t apologize. It makes my day 10% more fun! Decaf espresso on ice with a bit of milk is heaven. I’m actually drinking one right now as I type this blog.

Being a mom, working from home, getting up at odd hours of the night, cleaning, errand running, husband nurturing, exercising, bill paying….all of these things require stamina. My decaf cup of joe gives me the stamina I need.

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