Archive | June 14, 2008

To The Dads: Happy Father's Day by Jennifer France-Talvitie

I know this site is called Motherhood Incorporated but I want to wish all the Father’s a Happy Father’s Day!!

I am so excited for my husband’s first Father’s Day. Our son is in love with his daddy and even though he’s only 8 months old, I know he wants me to write a special blog in honor of him.

Being a mom is an amazing experience but it’s even more beautiful and wonderful because I have such a supportive, hands-on, loving and caring partner to share in this incredible journey. The pure joy and excitement that Zander feels as his dad arrives home from work each day is a marvelous sight, indeed. They have their own language. The way my husband can make him laugh is magical. The way he cradles him in his arms for bedtime makes me feel warm and fuzzy. So, to my husband, Happy Father’s Day!!! We Love You!

To my own dad, I celebrate you. Thanks for your inspiration and support throughout my entire life. You are a great role model.

To my father-in-law, thanks for being a great father to my husband and sharing that love with me.

And to you both, thanks for being such wonderful grandfathers to Zander. He is a truly lucky boy.

All of these men make me an even better mother.

To all of you mother’s out there, celebrate the father’s in your life with lots of love and thanks. You might be a single mother or now without your own father (I commend you all!) but I’m sure there is a father in your life that you can celebrate.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!!

P.S. To my mom and mother-in-law: I want to send you both a special message….your undying and devoted love to me, my husband and your grandson is an awesome and amazing thing. Even though I didn’t send a special blog on Mother’s Day, my heart and soul where just as thankful and full because of you both. To my mom, you are an incredible woman who has taught me the ways of good mothering. Your love is always felt. To my mother-in-law, your love for your son is so wonderful to see. It has transferred into his great skills as a dad. Thanks for passing that love onto me.

My Heart Is Full!!!!