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A wee bit about me…


My name is Sarah, and I’m really excited about joining the Motherhood Inc. community.  I’ll be bringing the mother of adult children/grandmother perspective to the table.  I have 3 grown children: a son, and twin daughters all in their mid-20’s.  I also have one and ¾ grandchildren (one is 6 months old, and other is due at the end of August), so I am embarking on a whole new adventure of motherhood.  My children currently live almost as far apart as is geographically possible and still be on the mainland.  I did not authorize this, and I spend many phone conversations mentioning how lovely it would be if we all lived near each other.  My kids all laugh.  That’s not so bad.

I guess the moving far away thing is something they all come by honestly.  I was born in Iowa, but was promptly whisked away to Puerto Rico by my Air Force father, and stay at home mother.  My parents continued our nomadic upbringing until I was in 6th grade.  Up until then I went to a different school every year, sometimes more than one in a year.  After the Air Force my dad was in television, so eventually we landed in New York.  Of course, as an adult, I married a military man and began the traipse around the country with my own kids.  We did the east coast, courtesy of the U.S. Navy.  Even after I was divorced, I continued to move, but generally much larger distances.  California, Iowa, New York.  By my estimation, I have moved 34 times.  Believe it or not, I like it.

Right now, I’m in Iowa.  One of my daughters lives here as well.  It’s rather nice.  I travel a lot, to visit the wandering offspring, and the ever growing family.  I am called “Granny”, which cracks me up.  I have flame red hair, and I don’t listen to “Granny” music, or knit, or any kind of grannyish things.  But I love being a granny, and I love being a mom, so I’m happy to be here.

My Simple List of Pros and Cons to Being My Own Boss by Nicole Ocean

April 28th, 2008

By Nicole Ocean

Some of the things that I like best about being my own boss are the flexibility I have over when and how I work. I absolutely love being able to wake up on a weekday and decide that I want to go do something fun instead of work that day. Of course I do this when all of my work is caught up and thus it feels like I am rewarding myself.

Along with the freedom of being able to call my own shots within all aspects of my business there are also some downsides to being my own boss. I find that it is difficult to limit the hours that I work. This translates into working on the weekends and at night. There have been times where I have gotten burnt out and needed to take a break for a few weeks. I can see the direct correlation between when I choose to work while my son is home and how this has hurt the quality of our relationship overall. I have learned that it is best for me and for my son to try to get as much work done while he is in school.

Some of the other things that are difficult to balance are in the need to put money aside from my self-employment earnings to pay for taxes at the beginning of the next year. I have been surprised with having to pay over $2,000 dollars in self-employment tax and decided that instead of paying it off right away that I would set up monthly payments where I could pay $100.00 dollars each month until it was paid off. Let’s face it; it is tough being a single-mother, let alone a mother. Then put on top of that tall list of responsibilities and duties, being your own boss. It is not for the faint of heart or those weak in conviction and perseverance.

By: Nicole Ocean of nicolesdreams eBooks