Cheap & Fun Ways to Visually Promote Your Business by Nicole Ocean

I recently learned about an amazing business printing company called Vista Print (Their website address is:

I was able to put together some very fun promotional items and not have to pay an arm and a leg for them. I paid around $100.00 for lots of stuff. 

I would suggest ordering items that you can in turn send out to future/past/current clients that not only promotes your business, but also makes the gift that you give a fun one to receive. Some suggestions would be personalized (with your company logo and catch phrase) pens, sticky pads, calendars and if you are very familiar with your client then a custom printed family caricature product would be a great gift to give!

Please see below for examples of what I got printed out.

Back of Company T-Shirt

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with my company logo ( I printed out enough for myself as well as my loved ones too!)

(Front of my business card)

(Back of my business card)

I am just getting started here. You can get a lot done for not very much money and the quality of their finished products is great!


 Nicole Ocean

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2 thoughts on “Cheap & Fun Ways to Visually Promote Your Business by Nicole Ocean

  1. I’ve used VistaPrint before! One great part about their business is that they will make your business cards for free and only charge you for shipping if you let them print their website on the back. The choices for this option are somewhat limited, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet with what they offer.

  2. I agree, 4/4 full color business cards really do make an impact. Through the years I’ve come across a bunch of print shops that offer additional printing features not normally found elsewhere.

    For those of you who have ever ordered business cards, you’ve probably noticed listings for 14pt business cards, but have you guys ever come across 16pt business cards ? The other week I did a Google search for 16pt business cards and I came across a printer called 4FocusFX (or 4FocusGraphics)… I placed an order for 1000 business cards and they charged me only $49 (pretty good considering the fact that they were full color front and back)… the cards were pretty nice.. thick, glossy, etc.

    I also realized that they are able to add metallic foil on some of their printed products. I guess the next challenge for print shops is creating a printing process that’s “GREEN” … does anybody know of any reputable full color “GREEN” shops? That’s my question…


    Recommended site:

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