Archive | June 24, 2008

Educate and Communicate not Intimidate by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

 by Sandra Beck

This weekend I was the featured speaker at a meeting of top professionals in  Southern California.  I don’t mean to disrespect the members in any way, but their computer and technical skills were far from superior. I watched their eyes glaze over as two of the presenters used  a difficult to follow – yet impressive speech on a technology that no one was familiar with nor understood.  The end result at the break was the agents were frustrated and sadly, many thought they were too “dumb” to understand.  This was a classic case of speaking to impress not to make yourself understood.

When it was my time for the program and my content for the day was very technical about building a business on the Internet I chose my words carefully and simply. I slowed down my presentation watching the faces looking for signs of comprehension and the relief I saw on these faces was palpable.

Did I finish my presentation no, I ran out of time.  Did people understand yes, and they felt good!

Did they want me back — absolutely!
So not only will I profit from doing this once but twice ….moreover, the people who listened understood me and felt confident asking questions. I am going back and I will repeat some content and take this group another step forward. I know that some of them will go home and try to “get on the Internet” and “join a group.”  For some of them, I could see this opened up a whole new world.

Many of us comfortably use terms like RSS Feed, Social Networking and joining on-line groups like it is second nature. This leaves some of our friends and colleagues out in the cold and makes what we do seem impossible.

So the next time you are presenting an idea, or you are just chatting with moms in the park — keep it simple and help them find sites like these online without the brag and boast.  We all had to begin our Internet journey at one time or another …and what makes these sites great is the varied and interesting people who join them.