Working Mom Working Overtime to Help Kids By Karly Mezera

Hello Again, From Karly Mezera.

If anyone read my last blog entry you would know that I was just having an event for our new school and it went really well.  We didn’t have the number of people that we would have like but the quality of people were amazing.

I want to share 1 quick story to show how a school like ours can help so many people.

We have a construction worker who is building an addition onto our house named Jaime (pronounce Hi-May).  Jaime has a daughter who is 15 years old and has been blind since she was 2.  It is really hard for her to learn in the public school system here in Mexico because they do not have a lot of special education classes like they do in other places in the world.

Jaime asked the other day if his daughter could attend our school.  Of course we said yes.  Jaime’s daughter wants to learn how to play the guitar.  My husband used to be in a rock band called Pure Dream Ladder, and he is excited to teach her.

Since the day we told Jaime that we would accept his daughter into our school, he beems with happiness.  His daughter is a very capable person already and now Jaime knows with a little bit of extra care, love and attention his daughter will be able to do whatever she wants with her life.

I hope to share a picture with you soon of Jaime’s daughter playing guitar with my husband.

This is just one of many stories that a project like our school will bring to the world.

See you soon.

Karly Mezera

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