How to Title Your Blog!

Would you like for 1 million people to read your blog?  It’s possible.  It could even happen today.  There are a great number of news services and news readers that troll the internet looking for interesting content to disseminate to their readers.  Everyday your blog competes with billions of other blogs for a star studded position on one of these services.  Does your Blog have the “Write Stuff” to get picked up?  Let’s start with the title.


First of all have a title – and putting the date and the name of the weblog don’t count as a title!  If we think of the title as part of a billboard that you are sending out to the universe then it seems obvious that we wouldn’t want to waste this opportunity on anything as mundane as the date. 


Blog titles can be cute and clever, but make sure you don’t outsmart yourself.  If people don’t understand it they are likely to pass it by.  Try to include one or two keywords in your title, if you are an escrow company and escrow is what you are writing about, don’t be afraid to use the word escrow.  A blog title should suggest content.  You may be blogging as a way to market your business, but for the title focus on content driven info.  For this blog I titled it “How to Title Your Blog”, in hopes that people who are interested in maximizing their blog time will find their way here.  Part of marketing yourself on the internet is sharing your expertise, title your blogs to let readers know what you will be sharing.

Lastly, keep titles short.  Different search engines and new readers accept a different number of characters, and you don’t want your title to be cut off right before a keyword.


Check back for more blog marketing tips.  Next time I’ll be talking about your first sentence.

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