Doing It All In The After Hour

Finding the time to work on my business is hard.  Between my job and my home it is difficult to find the time. When I get home from work I need to fix dinner, spend time with my family, do some chores and get my daughter ready for bed. So how do I find time? I do it all in the after hours which for me means once everyone is asleep.  I go to my desk and start working.  Although I am tired from a long day at work, I concentrate on things that need to be done by having an outline. I go bullet by bullet prioritizing my clients work first and them on items for the growth of my business.  I make sure that I spend a certain amount of time a week working on my business, like advertisin, calling clients, and networking.  Although I work all the time, I always look back to my goal which is to find enough work for me to be a work from home mom. 


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