Letting Go of the Little Things – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins

This weekend was a nightmare – I had a freak yoga accident that I won’t go into details about, but nonetheless, left me virtually immobilized for the entire weekend. Thank goodness my husband was home so he could take care of the kids!

While I lay in bed, I could hear all the laughter, games, swimming – all the cute things they were doing and it started to make me jealous. It made me jealous because the kids were being really wonderful for him. I’m sure having his undivided attention and doing all sorts of fun things was the best weekend ever for them!

When I’m home with the kids, there’s usually work to do, housekeeping, errands – none of which interrupted their time with dad this weekend. And unfortunately I let the jealousy almost get the better of me. At one point I got up and immediately just started taking note of all the things he didn’t do – hang up the wet towels after swimming, wipe down the counters after lunch, give them a bath – you get the idea.

So I made a comment about how, sure he did great with the kids, because he didn’t have to worry about any of the little things. And I regretted it the minute it left my mouth. It sounded so bitchy of me! He had fed and entertained the kids for two days straight, completely tended to any needs I had – all without a single complaint. I was the one who needed to stop worrying about the little things!

I guess I had hoped he’d see how hard it is for me sometimes – taking care of the kids and the house, but he didn’t and I wanted to point out all the things that didn’t get done while he was busy having fun. But I stopped myself – I let go of the little things and realized how lucky I am to have a husband who’s wonderful enough to handle two toddlers for two straight days without incident. He’s amazing. They had a great time and I’m thrilled.


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