Cleaning Methods by Sonia Nunez, Motherhood Incorporated

by: Sonia Nunez

In addition to cleaning wood floors, Murphy Oil Soap makes a great laundry pre-spotter, especially on organic stains like grass or blood.

 Bleach is not a “cure all” for housecleaning.  It typically doesn’t work on floor grout, for example, or rust stains.  Use the right cleaner for these areas and spots.                       For hard water stains around your faucets, use CLR or Lime-Away.  You can also buy muriatic acid at the hardware or home supply store, and cut it with water, but be careful of doing this.  Muriatic acid is highly toxic and has heavy fumes; you may be better off purchasing the other products mentioned and using those.

 Wipe down mini-blinds with a damp fabric softener sheet.  This eliminates the static that causes dust to stick.  The same trick works for TV and monitor screens. Many stains should be addressed with products designed specifically for them, for example, pet stains.  If your pet has soiled your carpet or furniture, purchase a product from your pet supply store for just such problems and use them according to the directions on their label.  Don’t think that regular carpet or upholstery cleaners will do the job – usually these just aren’t strong enough. Squeegee water off shower walls and doors after every use or wipe them down with a towel; this prevents mold and soap scum buildup.  Keep the squeegee in the shower for such use.  For tile walls or frosted shower doors, apply a light coating of lemon oil periodically to help prevent build-up.  For a porcelain tub, apply a light coat of boat or car wax to the sides (never the bottom) of the tub.

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