Back to School Sales by Karen Williams

I have always believed that Back to School sales are a special treat designed just for people like me.  People like me go shopping all the time.  We store things in closets; we prepare for the future, and we only buy things on sale.  Oh, and a sale price means it is something we obviously need.  Now.

The coolest person in the world, aka my daughter, is eight months old.  Many would say she is too young for Back to School sales.  I, on the other hand, am in my mid-twenties.  Many would say I am too old for Back to School sales.  All of these people would be mistaken.

 The trick to taking advantage of sales is to look at the right time, look for the right stuff, never get discouraged, and don’t overpay.  For example, Back to School Sales often means stores are also trying to get rid of their summer stock.  This is a particular advantage for those of us living in climate-controlled states (Texas, Arizona, California, etc.) where August wear is all too often December wear.  By shopping the $2.79 rack at JC Penney, I was able to purchase my daughter’s entire twelve-month wardrobe for approximately $30!  By purchasing layers, we are now equipped for thirty to sixty degree weather.  We also waited unti after the first week of the sale had ended.  While this meant the selections were picked over, it also meant we were able to enjoy our shopping trip battle-free.

 Of course, we can’t have my fabulously-dressed daughter off cavorting with a shabby-looking mother.  Although we are unlikely to find New York & Company having a Back to School sale, a sale is a sale is a sale.  In other words, it’s the end of the season for them too.  Sales galore!  What’s more, anything I didn’t find now I can pay more for later and still save money because of the tax-free weekend. 

With our clothing bags in hand, my daughter and I had a successful, budgeted trip.  However, Back to School sales don’t end at clothing.  Off to the closest department store, and we were soon lugging several additional bags of pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, highlighters, tape, ziploc bags, tupperware, planners, folders, binders, filler paper, printing paper, magnets, kleenex, hand sanitizer, and so much more.  Although we are both far from the ages where traditional school supplies are required, these are all supplies we use in my house on a fairly regular basis, and they all have incredibly low prices thanks to Back to School sales.  My daughter even got her first schooly supply ever: a box of jumbo crayons!

Now the point of all this is not to tell everyone about the fantastic time I had with my daughter.  Instead, the point is to share my good fortune with everyone else so they can take advantage of Back to School sales as well.  Of course, in a few weeks the Back to School sales will dwindle to nothing.  Prices will go back to normal, and sales racks will be cleared.  For many of the people like me, a depression will begin to settle.  Not me, however!  The end of Back to School sales means only 75 days until Black Friday!

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