Cleaning Methods by Sonia Nunez, Motherhood Incorporated

by: Sonia Nunez



Any wood floor can be cleaned with a quarter-cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with a gallon of warm water.  Never get wood floors too wet or allow them to dry naturally.  Finished wood floors often can be cleaned just with water.  However, the finish will eventually wear off, and you’ll either have to re-finish the floors or start waxing them.  Additionally, if you do not dry the wood floors after cleaning them, the water will leave unsightly marks.

 When it comes to marble or granite, such as for countertops, always clean them according to the manufacturer’s directions, usually available from the company that installs them.  Never use anything other than what’s recommended, or anything abrasive, such as powdered cleansers, steel wool, metal scrapers, wire brushes, and so on.  These products are porous and still sensitive, and can be scratched. Wooden cabinets in the kitchen probably will do well with a mild degreaser.  Laminate cabinets can be washed with a degreaser or a product like Fantastik.  Make sure you wash around the handles especially, where there is a buildup of not only kitchen grease, but oils from your hands as well. 

Cleaning the face of a fireplace is a project that demands patience.  Fireplace stone and brick may be hard, but they’re also porous.  This means it has plenty of tiny holes for soil to accumulate in. Cleansers designed specifically for fireplaces are available at most home stores.  You can even purchase ones with a slight tint to them, to bring your older fireplace back to life.  Make sure the floor around the fireplace is covered with a drop-cloth, as these tinted cleansers can stain other surfaces. The best way to clean windows, or any large expanse of glass, is with a squeegee.  It does a faster and better job.  You need a professional-quality squeegee and a window wand.  If you’ll be cleaning high windows, you also will need an extension pole.  The basic process is simple – apply the cleaning solution with the window wand and pull the dirt and water off with the  


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