Broken Angels, By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

Broken AngelEveryday I get touching  and sad emails from women around the world who are looking for a way out of their situation.  My heart often hurts because I can’t hire everyone, I don’t have enough work for everyone — and some women are facing foreclosure, evication and tremendous loss.  I recently had the blues because running this company has wonderful highs, but emotionally it is tough.   I went to a neighbor’s party and joined a group of women who were discussing how hard their lives have become recently — emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually — you name it…someone in the group faced it, is facing it or will face it.

As mother’s who work from home we can be very isolated and in dark times that can be overwhemling. There is no where to turn, no one to bump into at the copy machine and chat — you are in your home and working.   As working mothers, when the work day is over we go onto the second job…and that can be tough.

I looked at this group of 25 working mothers — all in their early to late 30s…a few of us in our 40s…and what I saw were beautiful, broken angels. We were all collectively tired, frustrated —  nobody had implants, no one had lipo — some were fat, some were thin…everyone had wrinkles…and we all bore the effects of time marching on — sometimes all over our bodies.  We werent as fit or strong or invincible as we once were….a few of us were broken and bent with the collective pressures over time…but angels none the less.

I watched as women comforted each other. Shared experiences. A few brought up this blog and how it helped them through one thing or another.  We are in this together and with a keyboard and our fingers we can cross that lonely bridge that often leads to and from working from home. I don’t know really why I wanted to write this blog, just that I am constantly amazed at the women in my life.  From the women who share these stories on this blog, to the women who read them — I am thankful for each and everyone of you becuase you give me friendship – you give me smiles -and most of all you give me wings to keep going…


3 thoughts on “Broken Angels, By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

  1. Oh how I wish I could find such a group… cherish what you have found as those kind of groups/friends are rare to find without drama.


  2. Oh that is so sweet! As women we take on those feelings of helplessness that others often feel and try our hardest to bring light to the end of the tunnel for those in need around us. Keep persevering in what you are doing and you too will be able to help more and more around you along the way.
    Best of luck in your company endevours

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