Cleaning Out the Clutter – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins

Someday my daughter may read this blog and be furious with me, but for now I’m safe and I must share my joy. She recently started school and the other day I did the most refreshing thing while she was away – I went through her room and cleaned it out!

She is a little collector. Whether it’s stacks of coupons she pulls at the market or gift bags she thinks are cute, her room was one giant cluster bomb of junk. There wasn’t a drawer or nook in her room that didn’t contain stuff.

We’ve tried to clean it together, with me helping her at least keep it all organized – a box for Barbie accessories, a bag for baby food, and some folders for all her papers, but what she wouldn’t do was get rid of anything, whether she played with it or not.

I didn’t plan on doing it, but I found her little brother in her room the other day and he had literally dumped every bag and box of her things onto the floor. It’s amazing the destruction a child can do in the 5 minutes it takes to use the restroom! I had no choice but to put it all back together before she got home, and along the way, I just happened to throw out the things she wouldn’t miss. Three garbage bags later, her room is much more manageable and she hasn’t missed a thing.

While I was at it, I made stations, which is something she loves at Kindergarten. She now has a Barbie station (shoe boxes for clothes and accessories), a library area with some throw pillows next to her book shelf, I made a drawer in her armoire just for baby stuff like clothes, food and diapers, a My Little Pony/Little People station using those inexpensive cube storage containers, and I used all her little bags to hold groups of toys like balls and action figures and put them inside the other sections of the cubes. She loves it and her room has actually stayed really clean.

Now, if only I could use that discretion in regards to my own clutter!!


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