Cold and Flu Season by Karen Williams

Cold and flu season has officially begun. I don’t know if there is a particular day or week that is considered the beginning of cold and flu season. I don’t know if there is a specific temperature the weather must reach. What I do know is that I have some form of the flu, so cold and flu season must be upon us.

 The part that bothers me the most about cold and flu season is the way the world refuses to cooperate. I am sick, and I can barely move, and yet the rest of the world keeps moving. Bills still have to be paid; groceries still have to be bought, and houses still have to be cleaned. My daughter still needs constant supervision, and work still has to be done, and no one is willing to wait.

 It’s even more unfair because, as most people feel when they are sick, it’s harder for me. Okay, I admit, I may be whining now, but here me out. If my daughter gets sick, it’s incredibly sad and worrisome, but she’s ten months old. Her to-do list is incredibly small. If my husband gets sick, he may miss work, but his assistant and coworkers will keep things moving. Will he be behind when he gets back? Absolutely, but that doesn’t change the fact that for a few days, he will be home and in bed. Then there’s me.

I tried to get some extra sleep this morning, but my daughter had other plans. I tried to make myself comfort foods, but we were too busy getting other things done to get to the grocery store this weekend. I tried to clean the house, but it took me three times longer than usual because I am just exhausted. On top of everything else, I have this reminder hanging over my head that because I teach two days a week out of my home, I will be getting sick again courtesy of my students. On top of that, those two days a week are when my daughter is in daycare. Hence, she will be getting sick, so I will likely be getting sick again as well.

The paradox of the cold and flu season is overwhelming today, and I do fully realize that everything will likely look better tomorrow. For today, however, the world keeps turning and turning and turning, and all of the healthy people in the world are making things happen that will eventually result in something I have to do. Welcome back cold and flu season!

 Please don’t stay long.


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