Adjusting to Kindergarten – Part 2 – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins

 My first post on this subject garnered quite a bit of interest so I thought it might be worthwhile to provide an update.

 As I mentioned the first time around, we were dealing with major tantrums after school in the first couple of weeks – completely irrational and unexpected tantrums. My husband and I decided to just keep things calm and come home right after school to let her unwind a little bit until she got into the routine.

On most days, we come straight home, have a snack together and talk about our day, then we all get started on our “homework.” She loves that she has work to do with me, and she’s even taken to teaching her little brother what she learned in school that day. I’m really astounded at all she’s learned so fast, all the little songs I hear her singing, adding and subtracting everything and just wanting to learn more and more. We’ve even had some playdates, met some really nice new mothers and are currently trying to infiltrate the PTSO – that’s another post!

 It was interesting because last week was her fall break and yesterday was her first day back at school. I had a million things to do, so after I picked her up, we ran to exchange something at the mall – meltdown central, stopped by a friend of mine’s to drop off a present – RUDE, then I had to go let a client into a house – I just left her in the car where she screamed the whole time.  It was like the first day of school all over again! It was a nightmare, but I should’ve known better.

So, it seems to be working really good as long as she decompresses after school first. Now, if only I can find a way to love her teacher. Our first parent/teacher conference is tomorrow – that’s another post as well!


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