Chicken Pox To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

 As many working mothers I hemmed and hawed over the vacination process. I had been alarmed by the rising rates of Autism and the news reports that appeared to link both. Finally I said a short prayer, let them vaccinate my healthy young son and hoped for the best.

Boy was I suprised when three years later I was home with my son with a bout of the chicken pox. Now he didn’t get at full blown case like I remembered as a child, covered with pox and itching until the day was done only to suffer all night. I still have pox scars on my eyelid and leg. And my vaccination scar on my arm.

Did the vaccination help? Maybe? His case wasn’t that severe.  Was it worth it? I don’t know. Even though I had my son vaccinated with both the original and the booster he still got the pox. For one week he was sick and for one week I juggled motherhood, a sick child, and working at night so I could comfort my son during the day. 

The whole scenario brought to my attention that we don’t really know how well a vaccination will work for an individual child. We think they do more good than harm. As a working mother, I thought that since he had the vaccination, he would not get the chicken pox. I was wrong.

Would I vaccinate for the chicken pox if I had more children? Probably. More because of conventional medical wisdom than anything else. Would I worry about it – absolutely.  Would I think he was protected – absolutlely not.

Has anyone else vaccinated their children only to find they still get the Chicken Pox?


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