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Thanks for Thanks by Dahna Weber

This past Sunday I shared with my neighbors and friends the closest Thanksgiving experience I have ever had.  Turkey, cranberry and all the stuffing, the Alouettes football game on tv, funny family stories, some fine wine, Texas holdem’ and great great great hugs and memories with friends and family.  I have these incredible neighbors.  He is American and so his clan came up for the weekend for the celebration.  I feel so thankful for how the concept family keeps getting reinvented and mine keeps on growing.  Written by Dahna Weber

Stress Management

As my business begins to grow it seems that my stress level is also growing with it, which is natural for a new mompreneur.  I have accepted the fact and now I have to  manage it.  People say its simple, get a massage, take a vacation, take a breather from it all. Are they crazy? Leaving is out of the question.  My solution is DON’T PROCRASTINATE AND ATTACK. Yes just slowing deal with work and don’t thing about how much work you have but find a solution. Then you can go and get that massage and really enjoy it knowing that work is complete or at least up to speed.

Daymaker Challenge….on your marks, get set……by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

Everyone getting set?  Set to launch this phenomenal and simple challenge?  I am certain many of you will be making so many people’s day on Thanksgiving  and sure wish I could offer out credits for deeds done prior to the December 1st start date!  That said…..enjoy your delicious meals, kids, husbands, partners, friends, etc. and get in touch with all that love and feel good energy.  The Daymaker Challenge is all about that.  Feeling and sharing that energy.  Monday is the day!  See you then!  by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

Running Mum by Dahna Weber

So there we were…..doing what I love.  Me and my boy, out there with tons of people, taking on the streets, running and scootering to raise money for Cancers below the waist.  Does it get any better for a running mom?  Running with my boy?  Nope it doesn’t.  Add a few quirks…like having to do this in one’s underware, how to handle coming in first place for women’s 10k run when you really only ran 5k, and explain all the bizarre outfits to an 8 year old boy!  I think the absolute best moment was when I came around the last corner, being the 4th person about to finish, seeing and hearing everyone cheer me on, not understand why I was slowing down and then cheering MADLY when they saw my boy join me.  He collapsed in a total theatrical display as soon as he crossed the finish line.  My little drama clown!  Then to see how I had raised nearly double what I set out as my goal.  What a magical day!  by Dahna Weber

Much To Be Thankful For by Shannon

It’s Thanksgiving week and I have much to be thankful for.  I wish Thanksgiving weren’t such a “food” holiday.  Until a few years ago every holiday was a “food” holiday for me.  Then I lost 100 lbs, which you can’t do unless you give up the idea that everything good is accompanied by food.  Trust me I did extensive research on the topic. After I lost the weight I tried to find new associations for Holidays, new traditions to take the place of eating, smelling, tasting.  100_45951.JPGThen I got pregnant and all bets were off.  5 years later and I still have 25 of the 100 original pounds to loose.  I used to say that you can call it baby weight until they go to preschool, now I’m thinking of changing it to college.      In any case, here I sit 25 more lbs to lose, so obviously I won’t be chowing down on Thanksgiving, I have a child on a gluten free, casien free, soy free, sugar free, yeast free, artificial color and flavor free diet; there’s very little left that’s Thanksgivingy.  My husband is even going sugar -free this year.  I was clinging to the hope of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I think of it as a mini Tony awards with large balloons and marching band interludes.  Someone pointed out to me today that as Broadway is dark, the shows may not be performing in the parade. 

     I’m desperately trying to come up with another way of celebrating Thanksgiving, maybe by actually giving thanks.  So here goes:  I am thankful for my wonderful husband who laughs at my jokes, even when they aren’t funny and who makes me laugh when I need it the most.  I am thankful for my wonderful son who is continuing to kick autism’s butt, I am grateful for his tremendous progress.  We took him to the mall tonight to sit on Santa’s lap and I rehearsed with him the whole way – What are you going to say when you sit on Santa’s lap?  Over and over until I was sure he had his answers down cold, then as we were walking into that mall I asked one more time – What are you going to say to Santa, he looked up at me and said “I wuv you Santa!”, which by the way was not what we rehearsed.  Then after all of that he got on his lap and said “Hey! Where’s you toy bag?”  I truly love that child.  I am thankful for my health and my friends and family.  I’m thankful for the roof over my head and for my ability work from underneath it.  I am thankful for all of the wealth that is coming my way.  I am especially grateful for the Publisher’s Clearing House which has assured me that I am in the final running to win $7 million on Thanksgiving Day.  It could happen!  Now that would make a nice new tradition that had nothing to do with food!

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We all Make Our Choices by Dahna Weber

I can remember being in mom and tot groups when my son was 10 months old.   All the other moms were going on about how lucky I was that I didn’t have to go back to work.   I simply responded- we all make our choices.  Our family of three was living in a one bedroom apartment and had one car that was 7 years old.  Our monthly rent was the equivalent of their car payment for one of the two cars their families owned. 

I chose to live a simpler life style.  I chose to live in a one bedroom home.  I chose to do odd freelance work that I could do with my son on my back, or on overnight erratic shifts at the women’s shelter.  And most importantly, I chose to spend those first two years at home with my incredible son.  Yes I’m biased and believe every parent should be!

Did luck have anything to do with it?  No way!  It was 100% intentional choice followed by lots of planning and MANY compromises.  My suggestion- think about your real priorities.  It’s all too easy in our consumerist world to acquire things we think we need and we think our kids need which in fact steer us away from what most of us need- time to live love laugh and breathe with our loved ones.  But here I am…preaching to the converted! 

By Dahna Weber


I found Twitter a few months ago and it was love at first sight and then hate at second sight. In fact, I even posted a blog entry about how I was going to be a Twitter Quitter, subsequently followed by another blog entry rolling back my quittin’ ways.

Why all the back and forth?

Well, the quick history is that I found Twitter via Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing and marketing genius. He did warn in advance that in order to get something out of Twitter, you have to put in a little proverbial elbow grease, before the trick is to follow A TON of people and subsequently have A TON of followers as well. (Of course, if you’re not using Twitter for business and just for sheer pleasure, it doesn’t really matter).  You can Twitter at

So I quit because I was putting in all this work to follow all these folks and have them follow me, but I just couldn’t get the hang of Twitter-ing (that’s not the official terminology) 🙂