Struggling With Your Little Student's Teacher: Part 1 of 3 – By Nicole Perkins

By Nicole Perkins

So my daughter started Kindergarten and loves it. She’s made so many new friends and is constantly singing cute little songs and bringing home the most darling art projects – anyone remember the five little pumpkins sitting on the gate? Anyhow, it’s her actual work that I am a little concerned about.

Now I know this is just kindergarten and I don’t expect her to be writing essays or anything of the sort, but I would at the very least, expect that what she does already know, would be expanded upon. Instead, it has been quite the opposite. The “jobs” are very often wrong and not corrected, not to mention rushed. Things I’ve seen her do at home, are not being done at school and my little perfectionist has turned into a spaz.

So I didn’t panic, at first. She’s still adjusting, probably just not focusing because of all the fun the kids are having and I can’t imagine a room of 20 toddlers – I’m sure it takes some time to establish order!

But it’s been about three months now and I have since spoken with other educaters and moms. I have also had a chance to spend some time in the classroom as the parent helper and what I see is quite disconcerting.

Aside from my own disagreements with how the teacher and helper handle the children (always very rushed, unprepared, flustered and snappy), or the classroom setup (ridiculously clustered walls, desks facing every which way so the kids are constantly moving around to see what’s going on), what concerns me the most is where the teacher’s priorities lie – more on the completion of things instead of the actual learning of things.

Check back to see how our Kindergarten experience is shaping up and please, feel free to share your own stories.

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