Reasonable Working Hours for Self-Employed Parents by Kelli Shand

Reasonable Working Hours for Self-Employed Parents

As a business owner or rather, an equal partner in a business, I have recently taken some heat for the amount of hours I work in a week. Some in the business world feel one must work an insane amount of hours to grow a business. I disagree. Do the hours of work equal a job well done? If I work more, do I get more done, and done well? Does it matter if I work 5 hours or 50 a day? if I can get the job done in less time isn’t that a good thing?

The business I have help to build is one who’s mission is to support parents in their efforts to work from home so they can spend more time with their children. If I am working 45 plus hours in a week, isn’t that defeating the purpose? I might as well go back to a high paying corporate job. My husband who makes a decent salary only works 40 hours a week and no weekends.

I admit, I am not super-mom. Working over 8 hours in a day is just not possible, if I want to keep balance. Yes, I could do it- but that would mean I would spend no quality time with my 2 small children, they would always see me working. I could stay up all through the night and work, but my health would suffer. I could ignore the laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking, but my family would suffer. I could skip all fun activities like going to the park, play-dates, swimming and vacationing but how good of a life would that be? Isn’t the purpose of life to enjoy all that it offers. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in hard work. I know that a business can’t survive without it. But can’t we, as working parents find balance? Some weeks might be more work, some less. If we make all deadlines and do a good job, isn’t that a job well done?  

I am taking a step back and reflecting on what really matters in this thing we call life. Committing to an insane number of daily working hours is just a priority. Family comes First…

By Kelli



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