Why We Need Our "Stupid" Friends by Sandra Beck

Someone once told me that starting my own company would make me a very lonely woman.  They were wrong. In the formation and running of Motherhood Incorporated I have come to know and admire women who have become my friends.  As we head into a new year and have a planned expansion of this company into different markets and overseas, my reliance on my friends – old and new grows stronger.

I know this is going to sound awful, but it even renews my faith in my “stupid” friends. Now just hold on before you send me a nasty email, or write a blistering comment – by Stupid Friends I mean the friends you can share your Stupid moments with. You know them, we all have them.  When you goof up or perform badly, it’s always good to turn to your stupid friends where you can really be stupid – and embrace that stupidity.

Friends come in all shapes – we have work friends, and girl friends…we have mom friends and family friends. For all these friends – we wear different faces. Our stupid friends laugh at our mistakes with us and share their own stupid moments so we don’t feel badly about what we have done or said.  I remember once telling my stupid friend about how I choked in an interview and made some joke that horrified the interviewer and didn’t really realize until the next day how utterly ignorant it made me sound. And this was a few days after I graduated with my Master’s Degree from Northwestern. 

Did my stupid friend laugh with me, yes! Did my stupid friend share with me her own story, yes!

My Stupid Friend told me how she had wangled and dangled until she finally got a date with a man she had been lusting after for three years. She made him this beautiful dinner and accidentally set her dried centerpiece on fire with the candles. Thinking she was going to be a huge hero she threw her drink on the flames.  Her table erupted in a huge fireball that she believes scorched his eyebrows. Her drink – yep – booze.  Booze on a fire -not good. Would definitely fall into the Stupid category.

When we goof up and do things that are not our best, it helps to have our stupid friends around…starting and running my own company has lead to a lot of stupid moments – and for that I am glad to have my stupid friends around.


2 thoughts on “Why We Need Our "Stupid" Friends by Sandra Beck

  1. Great story Sandra. Liam and I giggled away. You are dead right on needing friends you can share anything with without being judged.

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