Archive | December 11, 2008

Walking the Talk by Talking to Friends by Monica Moar

My son who’s 9 loves building structures with Lego particularly the Star Wars ones and the bigger they are the better. Unfortunately, he’s also trying to learn the fact that even if he’s passionate about doing “that special something” it does not have him exempt from dealing with aggravation too that may come up to test him big time as well. I try to explain that if he embraces the process and goes through the challenge it may end up to be a blessing in disguise.  In my son’s case, his excitement turns into frustration when he opens all the bags at once and all of a sudden a 1,000 pieces of Lego are spread all over the dining room table. He is now overwhelmed and since he has ADHD it’s even more intense for him. So I work with him on grouping things by color and shapes and by breaking things down it becomes more manageable to launch into building. On track now… but many times during the building process he goes into meltdown mode again if he can’t find the next piece immediately!!!  I coach him by telling that it’s good to step back for few minutes and do something else, to “let go”, to get some fresh air and get back to it when he feels calm again….without fail he finds the piece instantly renewing his self confidence to continue on task.

Trying times like we are all going through now no matter what industry you are in, probably feels to many of us like my son when he looks at a 1,000 pieces of Lego. All is disconnected, overwhelming and uncertain about how we are going to meet our obligations. Suddenly fear starts to creep in…yes, fear to fail…and I wish I could walk the talk that I teach to my son but instead I’m feeling frozen. It is very important in times like this to ask for help and reach out to a support system and talk to your friends. They can help us to take a step back and breath, to remind us that a challenge can be broken into smaller steps, to look at things from a different perspective and that a “change it’s just an opportunity in a different direction”. Friends can help us renew our self confidence and try things that one never thought could do and be good at…. and by embracing the process fear becomes more manageable because the resistance that’s behind the fear it’s a clue showing the direction that one needs to go to.


I love this one! So you’re at the grocery store and see you an elderly woman or man struggling to carry their grocery bag out of the market and to their car. They are usually with cane in one hand and bag in the other. Sometimes they are pushing their walker, struggling to carry that bag to the car. Here’s your chance to step in and give them a little hand. I know that the elderly are generally pretty proud folks, but it would be nice if we could at least offer them a hand with their bags. I used to nudge my older son or daughter to offer help. Now they do it on their own. Let’s be kind to our elders and help them out when ever we see the opportunity.


By Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber