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You are Kidding, right? No childcare for working parents?

So recently I was in a discussion where one of the mothers looked at me and asked me why I needed childcare and someone to clean my house.  I explained that I run a business and that I am only one person – I can’t do it all. I can’t even pretend to do it all.  She looked at her friend and told me that she “knew of” many working women who didn’t have childcare or housecleaning.  I asked her how she knew this and she replied with her friend Talia did it all.

Feeling a bit like a failure because I don’t do it all, I started to chart my hours. Yes, someone does my heavy cleaning so I don’t mop the floor unless the dog throws up.  Yes I don’t do the laundry unless my son pees in his bed.  But everything else? I have childcare for 30 hours a week. I work 60.  There are still an additional 127 hours a week I am on duty. Many of those hours I am working while my kids do homework or watch tv to keep up.

I still cook. I still pick up. I still shop. I still dress and undress two children. I give them baths. I feed them. I read stories and I correct homework. I take them outside to run. I take them to the movies. I deduced at the end of one week tracking my hours and my time that these girls are big fat liars. I also do my accounting, pay bills, write proposals, fill job orders and mail out what seems like an ever growing mound of snail mails and emails. And I manage to have clean hair – no makeup most days , but I am clean.

Unless I am missing something, I don’t see how someone can run a business without having childcare for a 2 and 5 year old. They are not old enough to be left alone. I don’t know who could run a business with small children and keep a tidy house and do all that has to be done without having a nervous breakdown. Even with help I struggle.

Maybe its me. 

But I don’t think so.

Some days I think other moms are our worst enemy.   Boo on bad moms… so next time a mom talks about her struggles and other moms declare how easy it is for them and others – simply boo them — outloud if possible!

Daymaker Challenge Day-15 Cat's Eyes by Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber

This idea came from my sister, Anita. Here’s your challenge. Take a ride down to your local animal shelter with your children and spend a couple of hours petting and loving up the cats and dogs there. These animals will be so happy to have your attention. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take one home. Just spend some time with them. It will lighten their hearts. If you really enjoy it and have more free time, volunteer at the shelter a couple of hours each month or week. When you are petting a homeless cat or dog, take a moment to look into its eyes and see them shine.

By Deb Gillespie and Dahna Weber