Archive | December 26, 2008

Daymaker Challenge Day 26 – Fire Station Fixation by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

Many of you have kids who are at home full time or at least for the two weeks over the holiday period.  We are often looking at ways to entertain and stimulate our kids.  Here’s a suggestion that also does double duty for the Daymaker Challenge.  Take your kids to the supermarket and have them pick out a pie from teh bakery department.  Jump back into the car and go for a visit to the local fire station.  Drop the pie off with a great big smile of appreciation!  (fire stations most likely cannot accept homebaked products for saftey reasons).  : (

Get the kids if you can to thank the firefighters for their hard work and dedication to helping people.  They will likely offer to show you around.  What a great opportunity for the kids.  If you want to really splash out have your kids make a thank you note prior to heading out!  Perfect for all us mothers with kids fixated on fire stations and fire trucks!  by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie