Daymaker Challenge Day 28 Just One Second by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

Ever wonder what you could do with one extra second?  We bet you can lift a whole bunch of people’s spirits and maybe even make their day by doing so.  At every interaction for the day, take one extra second to do something for whoever you are with.  The cashier, the driver in the car ahead of you, your little one, the telemarketer.  Often all you have to do is be nice.  Listen, don’t cut people off, on the phone or the road.  In fact let them in, give them 2 minutes of your time and ask them how they are doing, how hard their job is or where they are calling from.  Making all these mini one second interventions will definitely make your day.  Reaching out and connecting to others has a way of helping us connect inwards as well.  by Dahna Weber and Deb Gillespie

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