Pink Goes Green – Environmental MommyTip from Motherhood Incorporated by sandra beck

by sandra beck

Okay, we all do it. I think I kill 100 trees a week between my printer, the kids coloring pages, baby wipes, tissues, and paper towels.

Then I cleaned out this old box I got from my parent’s house and in it were these lovely antique handkerchiefs owned by my grandmother Emily.  She was really on to something when I looked at the pretty detail – and that she could toss them in the sink to wash or even the washer — even better! I decided then and there that I was going to resurrect the tradition of the hankie – and save a tree in the process.

Did you know that to make paper, tissues, paper towels, baby wipes – all those handy paper items – that it destroys acres of ecologically diverse forests to get that virgin pulp – and makes that one of the worst offenders for global warming? I know personally I cannot live without some tissues, paper towels for spills, baby wipes for poops – but really – could I do a small part by using my handkerchief when possible? Sure! And could I give a nod to my ancestors who stand behind me and can I do a small part for my children’s eco-future …of course!

So dig through your treasure trove and you just might find yourself doing the earth and your kids future a favor while you stroll down memory lane with your grandma’s hankie…

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