Vegas for the Big Boys by Dahna Weber

I’m the one that came out the big winner.  My 9 year old son came home from Vegas last week.  He was out there over the holiday period with his dad for a few days.  And boy did I miss him.  After 5 days apart I was dying.  Really missing him in a big way.  He came home really late at night and collapsed into bed.  The real winnings came the next morning when he just wanted to sit and chat with me all about his trip.  It’s normally hard to get even a sentence out of him on how something was and yet that morning, he was all verbose and going on into great details about David Copperfield, the Blues Brother’s signed guitar he wanted to buy and all the people he saw smoking everywhere that disgusted him.  It’s strange how in the course of only a few days you really see how your child is maturing.  My big boy really did hit Vegas adn came back a bigger boy than ever.  Will someone please tell me how to slow him down?  He’s getting big too quick for me…… Dahna Weber


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